Defibtech Lifeline View

Defibtech Lifeline View AED

The Lifeline View AED makes it easy for everybody to provide first aid. The Lifeline View combines a user-friendly design with sharp specifications. Moreover, it’s the first and only AED with full-color display which provides step-by-step for reanimation, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and external defibrillation.

Defibtech View

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Ready to use

When a cardiac arrest takes place, the AED must be ready to use. The Defibtech Lifeline View executes self-tests on a daily routine and gives an indication when the AED is ready to use with a clear signal. There were other AED’s only gives an indication when something is wrong, The Lifeline View reports directly the status of the AED, battery and electrodes

Defibtech Lifeline View: AED and personal coach

Other AED’s only tells what to do during a reanimation. The Lifeline View also showing the reanimation process with interactive, full-colour videos. With that video, the AED is suitable in noisy situations where spoken texts is hard to understand.

Specifications Defibtech Lifeline View

Energy level: 150 J (adults) and 50 J (children)
Loading time: max. 4 seconds (from analysis till shock)
Display: high resolution colour LCD screen
Video: full-motion video with textual instructions
Reanimation guidance: video and audio guidance
Protocol: AHA 2010 ( with support for future updates)