Lifepak CR Plus auto

The Medtronic Lifepak CR Plus Fully Automatic is a fully automatic AED. 2 steps are needed to deliver a shock.
The Lifepak CR Plus has a warranty of 8 years , the longest on the AED market. Looking for quality? Choose the Medtronic Lifepak CR Plus.

Lifepak CR Plus Fully Automatic AED

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Just like all Medtronic AED’s, the Lifepak CR Plus is equipped with ADAPTIVE biphastic technology. With this technology, the energy level adjusts automatically to the energy level which is required for the victim. If the heart does not respond to the first shock, then the device provides additional shocks, up to 360 J.

The internal computer analysis the cardiac rhythm, allowing people without medical training can give a lifesaving treatment with a single touch on the button. The battery/electrode system is durable, light weighted and requires little maintenance.

The display shows the status of the AED with simple symbols. The QUICK-PAK stimulation-, defibrillation, -and ECG electrodes are easy and quick to use because of the unique handle and reports in written and graphic form. The electrodes are compatible with all devices and connectors that use the QUICK-COMBO technology.

The AED registers ECG data for wireless transmission to a PC via an IrDA infrared output. This data storage and transfermethod is the most innovative idea in the current AED technology and makes use of PC cards obsolete.

The user-friendly pc-software provides a complete and efficient review of both ECG and event data. The information from the CR PLUS can be downloaded and stored in either the LIFENET ® DT Express information management system or the CODE-STAT ™ Suite medical information system.

What included in the order?

• Physio Control (Medtronic)  Lifepak Express Fully Automatic AED
• 1 battery unit
• 2 sets of electrode pads
• Manual guide
• Warranty of 8 years on the AED
• FREE Rescue kit worth £25. This kit includes:
o Breathing mask with oxygen connection
o Pair of scissors
o Disposable gloves
o 2 disposable razors
o 2 alcohol wipes for disinfection
o 2 tissues
• FREE AED logo sticker
• FREE registration in our database for periodic replacement of batteries and electrodes