Philips Heartstart Home HS1

Heartstart HS 1 First Aid Defibrillator With Soft Carry Case

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The Philips Heartstart : the innovation in the field of safety and health.

With more than 190,000 units sold, Philips is the worldwide leader in portable defibrillators for use in airports, airplanes, businesses, associations and private households. The Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator is available without prescription and can be used by virtually anyone to lifesaving act when every minute counts. This award-winning defibrillator is praised for its ease of use.
What is included with your order?

• Philips Heartstart HS 1
• Battery (life of 4 years)
• 1 pair of eletrodes (life of 2 years)
• Manual guide
• Warranty of 5 years on the AED
• FREE Carry Case
• FREE Rescue kit a