Zoll AED Pro

zoll aed pro

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Because of his huge range of features, the Zoll AED Profits both theALSand BLS. With the application of a patient-cable, first responders can review the ECG information of the patient on the LCD screen.

Some other features:

  •  ECG measuring
  •  With infrared gate, the reanimation figures could be read out and evaluated easily.
  •  Use of the Zoll CPR-D electrode for feedback during the heart massage.
  •  Stat Padz II, Pedi Padz and CPR-D padz are all compatible
  •  Choice of batteries. The rechargeable battery or LIMN, non-rechargeable.

With this AED you have the choice between the automatic or manual mode.

Above all, because of it’s rubber housing the Zoll AED Pro is very robust and durable.