Philips Heartstart



Philips, the worldwide leader in automated external defibrillators (AEDs), helped chart the course for the widespread use of AEDs to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) among professional responders starting with the innovative ForeRunner and HeartStart FR2 AEDs.

The Philips AED’s are recognised as one of the most popular defibrillators in the world, it’s award winning design makes it simple to use, safe and reliable so that just about everyone can use it to save a life.

Philips AEDs


Philips HS1

The Philips Heartstart HS1 is easy to operate. Every Philips Heartstart HS1 comes ready-to-rescue. The AED is pre-installed in the carrying case and battery and pads are pre-installed in the device. Simply pull up the handle on the front of the AED to activate it.

frx_aed_philips_voorzijde   Philips Heartstart FRx 

 The Philips Heartstart FRX is an easy to use, hardwearing and reliable AED for those who get there first. It incorporates a number of features to make sure it is ready when needed with a minimum of maintenance required.


Philips HeartStart FR3

The Philips Heartstart FR3 is Philips best professional-grade AED with advanced features for the professional responder. The HeartStart FR3 reduces deployment time by eliminating steps and helps you start the right therapy on your patient faster.